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You are the expert in how your organization works not in how the phone company installs and maintains their services. Lakeview Networks is an experienced telecom service provider representing over 30 different carriers. We work well with your network engineers and technicians because we understand their IT language and your network components. We are ITIL certified for a smooth transition in the delivery of new voice, data and Internet services. We look forward to working with you.

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Internet searches and e-mail are not the only uses for an Internet T-1.

Any organization that uses web enable tools for reporting information, tracking orders, billing, receiving payments or applications like e-medicine will find they need more bandwidth than they have in the past. Lakeview Networks can service your Internet needs for carrier services like MIS, MPLS, and P2P all at T-1 to OC 3 Mbps bandwidth with free IT carrier consulting and excellent customer service for contact and multiple site centers. All services include free 24×7 monitoring and customer service help desk support.

But What if I’m Not an Expert?

But what if you are not an expert in how to work with your local phone company? That is where Lakeview Networks comes in to provide that personal interface for a seamless business experience. We personally project manage all Internet, data and voice network installations, offering a single point of contact for successful installations and issue resolution. Our multi carrier quotes often come at a 10 – 60% savings to what organizations are currently paying so a little competition is a good thing!